About Us

Quality products year round

 Rancho Chacxul S.A de C.V. is been family owned and operated for more than a decade.  At chacxul we take pride in the fact that one of our family members oversees all key aspects of the fruits or vegetables growing, packing, and shipping process. We take pride in supplying quality products year round. 

Fresh Mash or Deshydrated Quality, Beautiful and Tasty Products

We are skilled at providing fresh, great quality, beautiful, tasty products alongside great customer service. Our wide range of high-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, and Citrus are grown on our farm located in Yucatan, Mexico or from co-operative and knowledgeable farmer members, located throughout our country to be delivered in perfect condition to your nearest port or commercial cold store.  Chacxul has more than 376 hectares in combined cultivation, including 100 hectares of Persian Lime.

From Our Farms To Your Cold Store

Our supply chain starts with refrigerated Lorries from the farms to sorting and packaging houses and then coordinating with different carriers for most effectual shipping methods. With facilities operating 24/7 when necessary to fulfill urgent orders, we can ship quickly and efficiently around the world.

Our workers follow a strict policy to ensure great tasting and healthy produce. 



RANCHO CHACXUL was born from experience over the years, evolving in such a way that it continues to offer its customers a wide variety of products based on habanero chili and other chiles.  Not only processed or dehydrated but also fresh.


Its products are used in the food industry as a raw material to prepare a great diversity of fried foods, snacks, instant soups, sauces, seasonings, seasonings and in all those dishes in which it is intended to enjoy the exquisite flavor of hot peppers.


Its production processes are strictly supervised by qualified personnel complying with the strictest quality standards under principles at ISO 9000 level and with KOSHER certification, which has allowed them to enter the most demanding markets.


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