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Our products are used in the food industry as raw material to prepare a great diversity of fried foods, snacks, instant soups, sauces, seasonings, seasonings and in all those dishes in which it is intended to enjoy the exquisite flavor of hot peppers.

Our customers can be found in Wal-Mart (Mexico & USA) Chedraui, Soriana, MEGA (Commercial Mexicana), Superama (owned by Walmart) and Bodega Aurrera, Target, Publix, Winn Dixie, Sam’s Club, Walt Disney World as well as many gourmet shops.

Our production processes are strictly supervised by qualified personnel complying with the strictest quality standards under principles at ISO 9000 level and with KOSHER certification, which has allowed us to enter the most demanding markets.

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The dehydration process of HOT pepper

What are the characteristics of dehydrated hot peppers? Do you know the dehydration process of hot

Dehydrated whole habanero chili, light brown to slightly dark, with a penetrating flavor and aroma of habanero chili, free of impurities and foreign materials. The whole dehydrated habanero pepper must meet all the quality and safety requirements of the food industry. Its high pungency (itching) represents a great opportunity for industrialists who intend to use it as a raw material, since it will provide them with a higher yield in the production processes.

Dehydration of habanero pepper

The process to dehydrate the habanero chile was designed based on the basic principles of operation, safety, security, cleaning and maintenance. 

The basic stages of this process are:

  • Selection

The habanero pepper destined for the dehydration process is strictly selected in the Selection and Packaging Line based on its color, size and defects.

Wash and Rinse

This operation is carried out with the objective of eliminating the adhering dust on the surface of the fruit, coming from the field, as well as reducing the microbial load. You must have an industrial washing machine to perform these operations effectively.

  • Extended

The washed and rinsed fruit is spread on trays to allow a greater contact surface, and subsequently placed in a tray holder, which is introduced into the drying chamber.


The dehydration process is carried out in ovens in which the fruit is exposed to hot air currents at a temperature between 60-70 ° C. The fruit remains in dehydration for a standardized time in order to obtain a product with acceptable moisture and color.

  • Grinding

The dried chili is passed a mill that pulverizes the product, obtaining different grain size depending on the needs of the client.

  • Packing

The whole dehydrated habanero chili and flake are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes with an inner polythene bag.


Dehydrated habanero chili powder is packaged in a double package, the primary packaging being a plastic bag and as a secondary packaging a corrugated cardboard box.


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Food Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers

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Food Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers

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Food Manufacturers

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Seasoning Manufacturers

Seasoning Manufacturers

Seasoning Manufacturers

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Seasoning Manufacturers

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Ingredient Suppliers

Seasoning Manufacturers

Ingredient Suppliers

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There is nothing better than being able to ensure consistent and profitable harvests on a professional or commercial scale, and with OUR NEW VERTICAL EAROPONIC Growing Systems, we can achieve that year-round.