Fine powder, dark red color, with a smoky and caramel aroma. The chipotle powder is the smoked ripe jalapeño chili produced by a natural process with heat and wood smoke, that is dehydrated and milled.

Physical characteristics

Color: dark red color. 

Flavor/aroma: smoky and caramel. 

Particle size: minimum 70 % through USS # 30 

Chemical characteristics Characteristic

 Pungency (Scoville Heat Units) 5000 

Uses of the product

It is used mainly as an ingredient in the food industry to elaborate snacks, soups, sauces, gravies, dressings, drinks, seasonings, confectionary, meats products (sausage, ham, hamburger, etc), dairy Products (cheese, butter, etc), seafood, ethnic products (tamales, tortillas, guacamole, beans etc) and any type of cuisines. 


Box: two polyethylene plastic bags.
Net weight/box: 20 kg 

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