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Kg 64 Carreterra Merida-Cansahab, Yucatan, Mexico 97410.

Rancho Chacxul: Office 011 52 (999) 480-0065 U.S Distributor Office 001(305) 560-5770 After Hours:

All Citrus & Produce Team

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09:00 am – 05:00 pm


Marketing & Logistic Dept.  - Ext. 1

Operation Dept. - Ext. 2

Produce, Sales & Availabilities Dept. - Ext. 3

Accounting Dept. - Ext. 4

Sales Team:     -Ext. 307        -Ext. 309

Europe            -Ect. 303  

Costa Rica:                        



It takes a dedicated team to sells and shipped the best Citrus & Produce available.  If you are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding independent Sale Rep. position and want to work for a great company, we have a spot for you. 

Our customers trust Chacxul's team to deliver quality products from our seasons to the every day with unparalleled service right to their cold store. 

Decades of building relationships with the world’s top brands allow us to bring Mexican Citrus & Produce directly to our partners. 

Everything we sell and ship is grown, picked and packed by our people from our farm or from associated growers farms around our country that like us, invest in training and safety initiatives.

If you think you have the passion to work hard, at fast-paced and from your own environment let us know, or refer a friend.  


In cooperation with our customer, further packaging solutions can also be realized. 

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